@kecian absolute banger, i need to watch it again already

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"Crawlspace is intended to be not just an online publication, but an experiential learning opportunity for those interested in artistic and poetic applications of technology. We encourage you to view the HTML source code for each work to discover new ways of creative expression online".


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My newest game IS OUT.

The Barnacle Goose Experiment
is an abiogensis body horror idle clicker where you play as a researcher in a biodome tasked with generating a world out of their own body.

Music from Ben Babbitt, halina heron, Geotic, Adobo, Jún, Smokey Emery, Sadurn, Zac Traeger, SamanthaZero, and Eli Rainsbury and supported in part by Arts Council England.

Play it free in the browser now -

@kecian i want to become immensely famous purely so i can fuck around in interviews

@kecian arts under capitalism sucks ass, i hate it here

@kecian maybe that should be the communal ursa cafe first of the month thing

@kecian btw if adnan didn't tell you this, i recommend going through the profile directory and following everyone, cause if you don't you can miss posts from people who haven't been active for a bit

@kecian just to make it so that whenever a new account is created, it's automatically following everyone and everyone automatically follows it back. probably not that hard, just haven't gotten round to it yet...

@kecian do you know ruby on rails, there's this custom code we want for the server that no one has gotten round to writing yet

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put my cat on a leash last week for a patio visit and i’m still thinking about it 

the bird looker…… she’s here

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we build this cafe, we built this cafe on bears